3/8" AR500 Steel Punisher Skull Large Swinging Reactive Target Custom

**Please call for lead time on shipping / pickup and to get an accurate shipping cost


3/8" AR500 Punisher Skull targets are approximately 8" x10." You can customize this by replacing the skull targets with a target of your choice, any target ordered in place of skulls will be approximately the same size. Some options are bowling pins, card symbols, torsos, animals, big foot, we can do almost anything. We've included photos of some target options

Frame is made of 1/4 wall Angle, legs are approximately 58" long and are held in place with jam bolts. Cross bar is 60" long and is made of schedule 40 pipe. Individual targets are held in place on cross bar by large washers and cotter pins - see photos. 

3/8" AR500 steel is rated for 3000 fps  (.308 or 30-06) at 100yds or hand gun rounds at 10-15 yds

We can customize any order and can make just about any target you want from 1/4" or 3/8" AR500 or mild steel. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for updates, new products and upcoming gun shows near you!


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