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3/8" AR500 Odin's Eye Steel Reactive Target

3/8" AR500 Odin's Eye Steel Reactive Target

**Please call for lead time on shipping / pickup and to get an accurate shipping cost if applicable


3/8" AR500 Odin's Eye is a red bull's eye with 4 white semi-circular target pieces around the bull's eye, all 5 pieces swing freely of each other. Target stands approximately 5' tall and is 39" wide. Legs are 1.5"x1.5"x.25 wall angle iron, angle facing forward to help deflect mis-placed rounds. Hinges for all swinging pieces are protected by another piece of angle iron. 


We can customize any order and can make just about any target you want from 1/4" or 3/8" AR500 or mild steel.

We do not accept returns of used merchandise. We include a steel safety sheet with every purchase, it is the buyers responsibility to use our products safely and appropriately for personal safety and the longevity of the target. We will accept returns of new/unused targets provided buyer is willing to pay all shipping costs. Upon our receipt of the target in new condition we will refund the cost of the target.

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