3/8" AR500 Hardened Steel Reactive Shooting Target Bulls Eye

3/8" AR500 Hardened Steel Reactive Shooting Target Bulls Eye

Our Bull's eye is an incredibly fun, portable and affordable target!!

 3/8" AR500 is rated for up to a .308 at 100yds or pistols at 10-15yds. Our small bull's eye is a mini version of our larger "Oden's eye" with its individual reactive sections. There are 4 white quadrants and one 3" red bull's eye, each will swing independently of the others when hit, letting the shooter know exactly where the target was hit. Target is 8" in diameter, frame is made of 1/2" round bar and is slightly sharpened at the ends for easy placement into the ground. Frame measures 21" wide and 26" tall. Hinges are protected by 1/4 wall angle steel to help deflect misplaced rounds and prolong the life and function ability of the target.

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We do not accept returns of used merchandise. We include a steel safety sheet with every purchase, it is the buyers responsibility to use our products safely and appropriately for personal safety and the longevity of the target. We will accept returns of new/unused targets provided buyer is willing to pay all shipping costs. Upon our receipt of the target in new condition we will refund the cost of the target.


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